Thursday, February 9, 2012

I cooked.

Those of you who know me, know I don't really cook homemade dishes.  My husband is the main cook in our household, which I love, but I want to learn how to cook more things on my own.  Everytime I pick up any sort of sauce my husband says, "Soy saucin' it."  This is because I totally ruined my attempt at fried rice once by putting almost a whole bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce in it just to get the color right...  yeah, that rice was really salty. 

I want to be able to cook homemade meals for my hubby and not just the one regular dish I do and do well, I might add - enchiladas.  Hey, it's quality over quantity, right?

Here is my most recent homemade cooked meal (close your ears vegans) Chicken Dumpling Soup!  I have always loved Chicken Dumpling Soup and thanks to my friend, Angela Wierzbinski, I was able to do it.  Without a recipe!  AND, it turned out wonderfully. 

My Chicken Dumpling Soup via Instagram.

 Veggie Broth, then adding the chicken
 My favorite part - Dropping in the Dumplings
And BAM a glorious pot of Chicken Dumpling Soup.